Album toscana Manuel Randi
Manuel Randi | Toscana (Digipack)
Februar 19, 2021
Manuel Randi „Djanga Sai“ Video Unterricht
Manuel Randi „Djanga Sai“ Video Unterricht
Februar 19, 2021
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Manuel Randi | New Old Songs [CD]



Manuel Randi (GUITARS)

I went to CatSoundStudio in January 2013 with a few guitars and various ideas on my mind: fragments of old themes, new melodies and a lot of confusion.

The songs were born there and recorded immediately, still showing some little mistakes and lacking some ingenuity, but always spontaneous and fresh – what makes me smile! Every song is a photography of a moment and can be seen both in colour and in black and white.

New Old Songs. I hope you like them!

Three Saints Records 2014